Motivasi menurut Mahasiswa(Kornelius Sendy, 201381194)


As a programmer, I realize that at some point I programmed a lot overnight, and it happened over and over again. Do I regret it? No, i’m not, because that’s what I love to do.

So it is easy to motivate myself, to do what I love. My knowledge and skill about programming are growing rapidly and exponentially (Self proclaimed). Because learn every time I had time, when the topic became interesting, I don’t mind to learn overnight. I also follow the latest updates about programming. Some latest news and updates are in English, so it adds another motivation to be able to understand english, or at least to read properly. Sometimes I feel that, I can change the world.

If the article above talking about direction (arah), it is a wise decision to pointing your motivation to something that you love to do. It will automatically increase your pace and intensity to be better at it, and hopefully will shortened the distance between you and your success. Also beware of complacent, keep moving, because there’s always a sky above any sky.

ps : sorry for my bad english :)

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