Local Community College.

The local college requires that each student complete an online registration request form. The system checks the accounts receivable subsystem to ensure that no fees are owed. Next, for each course, the system checks the student transcript to ensure that he or she has completed the course prerequisites. Then the system checks class availability and if there is room adds the student’s Social Security number to the class list.

The report back to the student shows the result of registration processing: If the student owes fees, a bill is sent and the registration is rejected. If prerequisites for a course are not fulfilled, the student is notified and that course is not registered. If the class is full, the student request is annotated with “course closed.” If a student is acĀ­cepted into a class, then the day, time, and room are shown next to the course number. Student fees and total tuition are computed and shown on the report. Student fee data is interfaced to the accounts receivable subsystem. When registration is complete, course enrollment reports are prepared for the instructors.


a., Prepare a document flowchart for this process..

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